Problem Solution Proposal Essay Topics: 10 Hottest Questions To Investigate

A problem solution proposal essay is an academic paper where the author should pick some issue, investigate it, and propose their ways to solve it. Some students manage to find good topics right away. Others need some assistance in this situation. For this reason, there is a list of decent ideas that you may use to write your paper.

  1. 1. The best way to help a depressed person.
  2. When people are depressed, they cannot release their full potential and live a happy life. Try to find a good way to help people in such situations.

  3. 2. A way to get out of bad relationships.
  4. This is a good topic for your problem solution proposal essay. Many people continue being in relationships with those they don’t love anymore. Help them through your writing.

  5. 3. Good ways to get away from stereotypes.
  6. Plenty of people judge others using stereotypes, like the color of the skin, for example. Try to find ways that will help our society become less ignorant.

  7. 4. How to reduce the number of car crashes caused by drunk driving.
  8. This is a very significant issue. Although, people know that drunk driving is dangerous, they continue doing it. What methods should we apply to change this situation?

  9. 5. Kids with divorced parents.
  10. Often, children whose parents divorced have difficulties in school and life in general. What schools might do to make their lives better?

  11. 6. Healthcare for everyone.
  12. Not all people in the country get an equal level of healthcare. Try to find a way in your problem solution proposal essay to change this situation for the better.

  13. 7. A pedestrian friendly city.
  14. Cities nowadays are overwhelmed by cars. Do your research and propose ways to reduce the number of cars and increase the number of bicycles.

  15. 8. Steroids in sports.
  16. This is a common issue for various types of sports. Choosing this topic, you may write about methods that might help reduce the number of athletes who use drugs and steroids.

  17. 9. More affordable colleges.
  18. Many people in the country cannot afford to sned their children to study at colleges because they don’t have enough money. What can be done about this?

  19. 10. Adopted children.
  20. There are many children who lost their parents and live in orphanages. Although, some people adopt children, the number of kids who grow up without parents is still tremendous. What can be done to encourage people for adopting children?

If you use one of these topics in your problem solution proposal essay, you’re likely to get a good mark.

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