Reproductive System

The purpose of the reproductive system is to produce a new life. Human bodies are made in a way that requires two partners, male and female, to participate in the act of conception. However, the most recent advancements in medical science can make this system obsolete, which can help humanity move onto the next step of evolution.

As with any other biological system in the human body, the reproductive system is not perfect and can fail for various reasons. As the level of environmental pollution increases, the chances of people developing different kinds of disorders that will affect their reproductive abilities are growing exponentially. If the situation turns for the worse, the very survival of the human species can be threatened. This may seem like an improbable scenario at the moment. However, this kind of future development is not impossible if one studies the statistics.

Changes in society also reduce the chances of human species survival through the natural reproductive system alone. The number of births in developed countries gets lower by the year, and the majority of these nations simply get older, as there is not enough new blood to replenish the population. On the other hand, there are plenty of children being born in developing countries. However, the mortality rate there is incredibly high.

One should also not forget about the natural changes that occur in human bodies and make the process of natural conception more difficult. The reproductive system is governed by hormones, and the very air today can cause people to develop hormonal imbalances that affect their abilities to reproduce. As such, the reproductive system has come to lose its original meaning and power over the years. Artificial insemination and other similar procedures that are based on manipulating various parts of the human reproduction system can give hope to many aspiring parents whose bodies cannot conceive a child the natural way. The number of assisted pregnancies is growing, and this technology develops to facilitate the process even further.

The research in this field will not stop due to the fact that the demand for this kind of service grows. Therefore, rather soon, people might be able to create artificial reproductive systems that will remove the need to use their naturally-given organs altogether. However, this kind of scientific breakthrough is still far ahead, and people can only hypothesize in regards to the consequences this kind of development will have. The only things that can be said for sure is that millions of people who are incapable of having a child due to some physiological problems will get the opportunity to become parents of their own biological offspring.

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