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How To Manage Homework: Working Alone VS Working In Group

There are some advantages and disadvantages to working in a group and as an individual.  And when it comes to homework, working in a group can help you if you are having difficulty with the subject but if you aren’t then working alone could be better for you and faster.  This is just one example of the benefits of working in a group and alone.

Working In A Group

  • When you work in a group you have to communicate well with the others in the group and sometimes personalities can get in the way of this sometimes.
  • Working in a group can be enjoyable and is a great way to help each other.  They can answer question that you might have and help you solve problems on your homework.  This makes the work go faster than if you did it by yourself.
  • Groups are a great way to share ideas with one another.  For instance if you have to do an essay or research paper, you can bounce ideas off each other.
  • Everyone has knowledge and abilities that you might not possess and since everyone in the group is different they bring different knowledge on the subjects to the table.
  • Working in a group also helps you become social with your classmates.

Working Alone

  • If you are working in a group for a project, it can be difficult because then you share credit on the assignment.  It doesn’t matter if you did more work because you are graded as a group.
  • You can concentrate and focus on your assignment better.  There aren’t any interruptions from other people and being in a group can be a distraction sometimes.
  • You have to have discipline to get all of your work done.  Beginning in a group does give you a little competition to get the work done but working alone does not.
  • You get to be in charge.  In a group you have to collaborate with other students to get the work done.  While alone you can do everything the way you want it to be done.

While both are good ways to get your homework done, you have to consider the pros and cons of each option.  If you work better in a group do that, if you like to do your work on your own do it alone then.  It is up to you on which way works better for you.  Try both out and see which one fits you better.

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