A Unique Descriptive Essay Topic List

Descriptive essays can be one of the more fun essays to write. Using concrete details –which is very important – makes these essays much like redoing a black and white painting in color—it makes it come alive with vibrancy.

Using Concrete Examples and Descriptive Details

When you write a descriptive essays, you want to use concrete examples and descriptive details that create an image in your reader’s mind they can experience with their five senses. Instead of soda, say “fizzy grape soda,” – as these kinds of details are ones that, the reader can hear, smell, taste, and see.

The best descriptive essay topics are ones you can really bring alive with details. Think of experiences you have had which have stayed with you because of sensations –- the smell of the sea on your vacation in the Caribbean, the taste of a grape popsicle at an amusement park trip, a scuba diving adventure at Great Barrier Reef. These kinds of experiences can be brought alive for the reader through sensory details—which is the key to good writing—making the reader feel as if they were really there with you – in that moment.

One of the greatest works of literature, Remembrance of Things Past, which is actually a collection of six novels recounting Proust’s life, has one moment in all the six books that readers remember over all others. It is a moment when the author takes a bite of a French cookie called a Madeline, and the tastes and smells of this cookie transport him back into an important moment in his childhood he had forgotten. Why do readers remember this moment above all the hundreds of thousands of moments described in these six books? Because readers love descriptive details, and he so brought his experience to life with good writing, details, and feeling that readers remembered it forever.

Great Topics for Descriptive Essays

  1. My Idea of True Comfort
  2. How to Take the Most Relaxing Bubble Bath Possible.
  3. The Vacation I Went on That Changed My Life.
  4. The Place I Have Been to With the Most Peaceful Scenery.
  5. My Favorite Painting and What I See in It.
  6. The House I Would Love to Live in One Day.
  7. What Favorite Color Evokes to Me (Feeling Wise).
  8. Why Dolphins Make Great Swimming Companions.
  9. The Moment I found My True Best Friend.
  10. The Most Fun I’ve Every Had In My Life.
  11. My “Happy” Place.
  12. Why My Puppy Should Be Voted the Silliest Dog in the World.
  13. My Culinary Creations will Change the World of Cooking Forever (and Why).
  14. Baking is a Challenging Experience—The Cake that Refused to Behave.
  15. My Spaghetti is a Transformative Experience.
  16. My Mom’s ___________________ (insert your favorite of your Mom’s dishes), TV, and a Snuggly Blanket and I Am the Happiest (Man/Woman) on Earth.
  17. How to Restore Body and Mind to Tranquility After a Very Hard Study Session.
  18. How to Take Care of Body and Mind While Studying for the SAT.
  19. What Happens When My Best Friend Stays all Night.
  20. My Favorite Memory and Why it Stays With Me.

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