How to compose a strong topic for a narrative essay

A narrative essay will paint a picture about an event that is experienced through the eyes of the author. The focus of this type of essay is not only in the event itself but also in the significance it played on future events or its impact. When writing a narrative essay, try to focus on the impact that the event made on the people or culture to give your reader a better understanding on the events significance.

How do I choose the topic?

In order to write a successful narrative, it is important to choose an event that was significant to many people. This type of event was one that changed the course of history, created new cultural beliefs, changed the major view on a subject, or effected a lot of people’s daily lives. The idea is to choose an event that “rocked the boat”. The more significant your event, the better off your narrative essay will be. Take your time in choosing a topic and be sure to choose one that interests you as well.

How do I set it up?

The narrative is written in a story format. Therefore, there should be a plot. The four main points of a plot include the introduction, development, climax, and conclusion. The introduction is where you give the reader an idea of the setting, characters, time period, and overall scene information. The development portion is where you get your audience to know the characters in your story. The climax is the pinnacle point where the main event occurs and the conclusion wraps the story up.

The narrative should be written in the narrative voice which means that it will be told by an individual who is part of the story or is watching it unfold. It should also include detail that is consistent with the time period.

Quick topic ideas to get you started:

  • Significant events in your life
  • A trip that you took
  • A scary time in your life
  • A historical event
  • A turning point in your life

The idea is to paint a picture of the event. To show your reader how it felt to be a witness to this event. Writing narratives are very helpful in learning how to include your senses into your writing. When we are describing an experience that we witnessed firsthand, it is easy to explain how it affected each and every one of our senses.

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