Writing A Problem Solution Essay On Family Violence

A problem solution essay is the type of paper that addresses a certain problem and gives a viable solution for it in the body. When dealing with such essays, you have to be careful with two things.

  1. The problem you are dealing with is actually a problem
  2. The solution you give to the problem is realistic

Now you might wonder that what it means by the first one. People would often not agree to your problem or the significance of discussing this issue because either they cannot relate to it or they do not feel it is important at all. To be able to write an impressive paper, you must be able to convince your audience that your problem is genuine and it needs to be addressed. For example, in this case, you have to discuss the subject of family violence. Even when most of us agree that family violence or domestic violence is a serious issue which effects the present and future lives of many individuals, some of the audience may not agree. They may not think that this problem exists at all or they may not feel that it is that much of a problem because they do not realize the severity of it.

To solve this issue, you must convince your audience in the first place that the problem you are addressing is important and real. You may have to use some research and find data, stats, facts and other examples for domestic violence that will come as a shock to your readers. They would then realize the seriousness of the problem when they see many people suffering from it. However, it is important to make sure that you are not talking opinions here. Instead of writing, in my opinion housewives face domestic violence in large numbers you should find a fact and write that in united states every 1 in 7 people faces domestic violence. This is more convincing as it contains a fact.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that the solution you give for the problem is viable. For this, you should narrow down your subject. The narrower the problem the easier it will be to address it. Even if you cannot solve the family violence issue in the entire world, you can at least make a better policy for your own community and state.

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