10 compelling descriptive essay topics

Picking your essay topic can be hard but it is the first step to writing a solid essay. You should take some time to brainstorm the idea that you are working on and think about new approaches to the topic.

Consider these ten compelling descriptive essay topics:

  1. Describe an accident scene you witnessed
  2. Describe your first day at school
  3. Describe a place that made you feel safe
  4. Describe your favorite music
  5. Describe your favorite novel
  6. Describe a work of art
  7. Describe your first love
  8. Describe one of your first successes
  9. Describe a view that was inspiring to you
  10. Describe an experience that changed your life forever

Once you have your topic it is important for you to take time to properly write your essay and review it. Take time to study the guidelines. You want to make sure you fully comprehend the guidelines before you get started on the work. Make sure you follow any format requirements as well. Once you have done this you should create an outline. The outline will enable you to better structure your thoughts and ensure none of your ideas were vague or go unsupported.

Content and style:

When you write your paper it is important to remember that it is a piece of academic work and should be highly intellectual and yet creative. You should not place pressure on yourself to come up with a piece of work that has never before been thought of. Instead you should aim to show your reader that you have a thorough understanding of the item you are describing or the place you are describing. You should demonstrate that you can virtually transport them to that place or make them believe they are eating that food or leave them feeling the same love for your mother as you do.


When you finish writing your draft take a day off. Spend at least a day away from it to clear your mind. This will allow you to return and edit your paper with a clear perspective. When you edit check that your main thought is supported by the points in the body of your text. Look for any areas that might veer far off topic and remove them or rework them so that they refer back to the thesis. Take time to carefully proofread your paper for spelling or grammar errors. Once this is done it will behoove you to have another set of eyes look over it for any small errors you might have missed.

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