A Quick Guide To Writing A 7th Grade Descriptive Essay

One type of essay that the majority of students find to be easier than others is the descriptive essay. It allows for a large amount of creative license during the writing process, since you are using words to show something to the reader. Senses can be described in ways that allow your audience the ability to be immersed in what you are trying to show them.

Students who have wonderful imaginations often get excited about doing this type of assignment. There is almost no limit to the way you are able to use words to engage the reader, making it fun if you allow it to be. Below is a guide for you to follow using the standard 5 paragraph format so that you are submitting a paper that will really impress your teacher.


Your introduction is where you introduce the reader to your topic with the use of a topic sentence ( or thesis statement), and give them a preview of what is to come. Make sure that your statement is clear and concise, and that it is not too broad or too narrow.

Body paragraphs

There should be three paragraphs in the body and each one should be used to develop a single point that relates to your topic. For example, let's assume that you are doing your paper on your living room. You would pick three things that you want to discuss, such as the stereo system, the couch, and the carpet.


The conclusion is used to restate the point of your paper, and to briefly summarize all that you have talked about during the preceding four paragraphs.

The five senses

The wonderful thing about developing words using the five senses is that it can give the reader the opportunity to "touch" textures, "smell" scents, "hear" noises, "see" places, and "taste" flavors. You can take the reader on a trip around the world without ever leaving your chair!

Show, not tell

One of the main things to remember when crafting this type of essay is that the purpose is to show the reader, not tell them. For example, "The foghorn sounded," is telling. "The mournful sound of the deep horn floated through the fog to warn boaters of the dangers to be found on the beautiful coastline characterized with knife-sharp rocks," is showing. You also set the mood for the reader. When you are unsure about whether your words show or tell, look at the verbs you have used. Plenty of verbs used to link or help usually signifies telling, while action verbs are more closely related to showing.

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