Providing an expert opinion in your academic essays

It can be a challenge for many students to come up with a top academic essay. Anyone can write an essay. Anyone can find some information and understand the structure and write the words to fill the quota and have the document handed in by the deadline. But that's not what an academic essay is all about. The bottom line of every academic essay is that it rates highly, that it gets a terrific score. So how can you achieve such a result?

One of the best and most exciting aspects of creating an academic essay is that you are not the only person doing the writing. Well, perhaps that is not exactly true, but the point is that you have other opinions at play in your essay. This is done by using quotations. This is done by using the expert opinions of other writers. And let's face it, the opinions you choose to include in your academic essay will not be those of an unknown person you bumped into at a party last week.

The experts are there to help you

There are a number of experts with published opinions whose ideas are available for you to use. If you are a smart and savvy student, you will take advantage of the situation. There are two things you need to do to make this happen and happen effectively for you.

  • - Read widely
  • - Choose wisely

The best way to find expert opinions which will support the writing of your academic essay is to read as widely as possible. The way to do that is to know the key words in your topic or in your thesis statement. These keywords will direct you to resources relevant to your essay's topic. Don't stint on the research. In fact the wider you read, the more likely you are to come across expert opinions which will be perfect to include in your academic essay.

But just because you discover an expert opinion do not assume automatically that the opinion will suit your essay. This is one of the crucial points of every essay, that is, topicality. So many students write well if not very well but do not get the mark or score they desire because they strayed from the point. You must stick to the topic or answer the question. So when you come across a series of expert opinions and believe that you should include them as cited quotations in your academic essay, be absolutely sure that they do assist your writing.

And finally, having chosen expert opinions and therefore used the words of these formidable thinkers in your own work, be absolutely certain that you quote correctly in listing this expert opinion.

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