5 Reasons to Pick Easy Topics for Essays

First, let’s define what an easy topic is for an essay. An easy topic is one that the student knows well, and is comfortable with. It is also a topic that is easy to find enough data on, that it can be researched readily. In other words, even though it will still require a good amount of work to do, it is easier than a topic that is unknown, or with limited information on. It is easier to be made productive.

  1. Expand Existing Knowledge
  2. More Productive
  3. Less Time Involved
  4. Stronger Arguments
  5. Better Grades

Expand Existing Knowledge

All because the student knows the topic well, does not mean they know everything about it. No one does. But because the student knows a good deal about the topic, it is easier to find key words, for searches, and develop their own ideas to work off from. Because of this, the student can compose a much stronger, and efficient essay. They can also find new information and learn more about that knowledge, than they previously had.

More Productive

The student becomes much more productive in researching, because they already know what they are looking for. So instead of having to develop an idea of what to look for, this is already there. The student then can focus on fine tuning the existing knowledge to help find more information, than they had looked at before. They can deal with new findings, and changes in thought as they encounter them.

Less Time Involved

What everything here so far has boiled down to, is this. When the student starts their research, their research time, is cut back. This is because as said earlier, they already know what they are looking for, so finding more about it, is much easier. Then, because they have this background understanding, it is also easier to use the information, to write the essay.

Stronger Arguments

Everything that has been discussed so far, leads to this point. When a student has a good amount of information, already learned. They can construct stronger and more effective arguments. This is one of the key points of an essay, to argue a point, efficaciously.

Better Grades

With all four of these points discussed, it is now for the end result. Then end result, is if the essay is written correctly; style, form, and all other points, the student will receive a better grade. This is because using the rest of the process of writing an essay, the student then will have a strong and effective work.

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