A list of controversial topics for essay writing

Controversial topics for an essay offer plenty of ideas to write about. You want to select an idea that will help you get your point across without being offensive or unfair to others and their viewpoints. Think about topics you may not be familiar with and think about content people will want to read. These elements can help you find something suitable to write about. Your expertise on the subject matter along with research and experience will be important elements essential to making your topic standout. The following ideas are a few controversial topics to get you started.

  • Gay rights. What are rights gays and lesbians should not have? Should children be raised in a household with a gay or lesbian couple? Should landlords have the right to turn away gay couples that want to rent property? Why should gays have the same rights as a married man and woman?
  • Pregnancy. Should maternity leave be longer for women in the United States? Should companies be forced to offer paid paternity leave for new dads? Should women be allowed to lift weights and do muscle training during pregnancy?
  • Relationships and marriage. Should people engage in sexual activity before marriage? Why do people cheat on each other thinking they will not get caught? Should a person be a certain age or had a specific number of relationships before getting married? How long should you date someone before considering marriage?
  • Plastic surgery. Why does plastic surgery help people feel better about themselves? Should certain people be required to have plastic surgery done? Should the practice be banned or discontinued? Is plastic really being used to reconstruct someone‚Äôs look?
  • Death penalty and capital punishment. Should a person with a mental disorder be eligible to be put to death for murder? Capital punishment is when the government plays God. Should a person guilty of murder be considered for the death penalty even if the state they are convicted in does not use capital punishment?
  • Family relations. Are kids better off in a two parent household versus a one parent household? Should parents get in trouble when incest is detected in the family? Should a single parent have the right to adopt a child?
  • The bible. Is the bible really word from God or made up stories by man? What parts were left out of the bible others think should be included?

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