A Complete Tutorial On How To Organize A Response Essay

A response essay is either an evaluation or critique of an author’s essay. It is generally comprised of your opinions regarding the particular author’s article or writing. A response essay unlike a summery focuses on ideas on the essay that you either agree on or disagree with and also tries to examine both the strengths and weaknesses of that particular essay. A good response essay is usually convincing and persuasive; it uses hard and logical facts to either refute or agree with an author’s ideas.

Many students do not know how exactly how a response essay is organized. If you want to write a perfect response essay you should follow the following steps.

Read the essay before you respond

Reading and understanding the essay you are working on is very important because it will definitely help you to take a stand on either to support the author’s ideas or differ with them. The reason why many students do not write good response essays is that they never understand exactly what the author is talking about.

Re-read the essay

Go through the essay for a second time and this time ensure you master it very well. Try to reflect on the key ideas of the essay vis-à-vis general facts about the same.

Put down your own opinions and facts

After thoroughly reading the essay, record the important points that you would like to debate on plus your own opinion on the subject. Give honest criticism about the author’s ideas in the essay.

Write a thesis statement

Come up with a strong thesis statement that best describes your stand on the essay that you have read. Make sure you are relevant to the subject essay and you use only facts. Your thesis statement should be able to justify either your support or defiance to the ideas of the author in the author in the essay.

Draw an outline

The last step before starting to write your response essay is to come up with a good outline. Your outline should be arranged in a way that demonstrates flow of ideas right from the introduction up to the conclusion.

Construct your response essay

This is the final and most important step. Ensure you follow the outline just the way you have indicated earlier. Start with a strong introduction stating the key points you want to discuss.

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