A List Of Interesting Free Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay allows you not only to analyze any topic that you like, but also to express your preferences by supporting an idea with ingenious arguments. Since you have the freedom of choosing, you can discuss any subject that you like, the most important thing for you is to be passionate about it. In this way, you will create a great paper that can actually change the mentality of your classmates. If you do not know what topics to choose, here are some ideas:

  • Is homeschooling better than traditional school?- There are many debates on this theme, so support your point of view and explain it.
  • Should parents be obligated to vaccinate their children?- Even if any parent can choose what is better for his kid, many schools do not allow the enrolling of pupils that aren’t vaccinated.
  • Using computers in the classroom.- While some people say that this is a sign of progress, there are voices who talk about children that forget how to be real students.
  • The importance of homework.- Each school has a different policy, but most of them still give a substantial amount of homework for weekends and vacations.
  • Social media in teenager’s life.- Many young people nowadays live their lives on the internet, and they prefer to communicate through internet rather than in reality.
  • Experiments on animals.- Even if from a scientific point of view this can be useful, from a moral point of view there are definitely many contra arguments.
  • Immigration.- There are many aspects you can touch in this essay, but chose the most common ones. Who should be allowed to entry the country or work? Why?
  • The importance of cultural tolerance.- Many unfortunate cases nowadays show that children, especially the ones who did not have contact with other cultures, can be mean against colleagues who belong to another culture.
  • Should religion be allowed in schools?- Years ago, most of the schools in Europe were studying religion as any other subject, but today most of them gave up this practice.
  • Excessive hunting. – The damaging effects of this practice are evident, especially in parts of the world where the government does not try to stop this.
  • Electronic voting. – Some countries are using this system to ensure the confidentiality of the vote. However, many people say that hackers can easily attack this.

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