Is Technology Having An Impact Where We Eat

In years and decades past families and friends would come together at particular times throughout the day and dine. This was a traditional and one that was adhered to by even the hardest working man. Children came home regularly for food and meals were served at the same time. People spent the course of the meal appreciating the food and having conversations with the others at the table that encouraged bonding and relationships. Today technology has changed all of that. It is having an impact on where we eat. No longer do people come home for regular meals and have full conversations with the other participants.

Today people have allowed technology to change where they eat. Many families and couples alike may have dining room tables but they are not often used. Instead they gather dust while families allow the technology of a television become the main source of meal time. Families now gather in front of the television and instead of having conversations where they engage with one another actively and discuss the things that happened during their day they sit in front of a television with TV trays and ignore one another. If the families do end up sitting at a table chances are that every person at that table has a phone or tablet out and they are chatting to someone else while they eat or watching something online.

Technology has also inhibited where people eat at work. Gone are the days where people actively pack a lunch before heading to work only to eat it in the break room and engage with other employees. Gone too are the days where employees actively get to know one another by heading out to lunch together and eating at a nearby restaurant. Instead employees take their hour long break as an opportunity to grab fast food or the burrito from the truck in the parking lot and bring it back to their desk where they eat in front of the computer screen. On said screen they may be watching internet videos or chatting with friends back home. Instead of having conversations with the people they work with they have conversations with the people online.

Technology has changed where we eat with incredible force. People no longer go out save for nice occasions. People do not engage in conversations as often due to the television being on. People do not cultivate relationships with their friends and family to the same degree anymore. Is this the world we want to leave to our children?

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