How to Write a Good Essay: Current Questions to Discuss

Learn how to write a good essay

Writing a good essay may seem like something that can be hard to do or is something that is time consuming but the truth is writing a good essay is really not that hard to do and if done properly, actually does not take a lot of time to do. Every essay is pretty much the same thing; they all tend to follow the same set of guidelines and outlines as well. 

Sample of a basic outline for a good essay

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph 1
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Body Paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

A good essay also has an appeal and possibly evens a current question in it in order to keep the reader’s attention and get them to read on so they end up hopefully believing whatever you are talking about. Achieving this is the goal set out by any author.

Questions you can choose that will lead to good discussions and can be used for good essays

  • Should the children from immigrants that are illegal be allowed to have an education in the public school system like everyone else?
  •  Do apps really help you or are they just a big waste of your time?
  •  What role do you think that television plays in the lives of your family members as well as your own life?
  •  Do people who are more appealing to the eyes have more advantages over people who are not appealing to the eyes have?
  •  What causes should people or organizations that consider themselves philanthropists finance and support?
  • Should eggs that are fertilized be allowed the option of their own legal personality?
  •  Do you agree with the movement that is going on in Wall Street right now?
  •  What artists or bands from today do you think will make it into the rock and roll hall of fame?
  • What story does your personal data tell?
  •  How close are you to your parents?
  • When should juvenile offenders receive life sentences?
  •  And more…

These examples and more are all good questions in which are always current topics that are being discussed. Each of these questions all have credible points and sources for each side of the debate. Being able to persuade someone to agree with your point of view and to have someone else see things the way you do is a hard thing to do and the power of speech is very powerful. Words have a lot of impact behind them and are the cause of everything all around.

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