Effective essay writing prompts: how to edit your paper

Writing an essay

Writing an essay needs dedication and attention. You can never write a winning essay if you were not motivated about it. Of course, you can write an average essay or even poor essay with lack of interest but you can never achieve success if you do not have passion for what you do. Some students love to write essays because writing is in their blood. They have a passion for writing so they do not face any issues in writing essays and research papers. However, essay writing needs some research work to be done and a lot of editing. Editing is the most important part of your writing. It is almost 10% of the total work, but this 10% makes a huge difference. There are people who ignore this last phase and it is the biggest mistake they ever make. If you have taken enough time to compose a paper and researched well enough, then It would be a good idea to spend another hour editing it to get a perfect paper in the end.

Editing and proof reading

Most people confuse editing with proof reading, these are two different terms. Editing is the phase where you cut down irrelevant data, add value to your paper by adding sentences and words where necessary. Proof reading on the other hand is going through what you have written, checking for typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes. It is not concerned with deleting repeated ideas and managing the overall flow of the paper.

Read your paper aloud

This is one of the most effective tips for editing. Sometimes when you write a paper, you tend to miss important details because your mind just skips over the things you spelled wrong or missed. It has an auto feed that you certainly wrote it the correct way. To avoid this conflict, it is always helpful to read what you have written in an audible voice. Some writers also record their voice and play it over and over again to see if there was anything to be fixed. It is better to use all your senses then to rely on only one.

You could also

  • Quick check with a grammar checker
  • Get a hard copy
  • Take a pen or highlighter
  • Replace your mistakes
  • Proof read your paper
  • Cut irrelevant details
  • Ask a friend to give a neutral opinion
  • Re-write the final paper

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