Helpful Advice On How To Write A 3-Paragraph Descriptive Essay

Well if you want to write a descriptive essay, this is going to be a very easy job, the only thing you have to do is to use your imagination at it’s fullest potential. This will be a pretty easy job, as long as you realize that a descriptive essay is something which basically presents an image in such vivid detail, that the readers can picture the image in their head perfectly and flawlessly.

  • The topic. Choose this one very carefully and put some thought into it. You have to have something that you can write about, something that you know. If you want to present a car in great detail, picking a model that is familiar to you( maybe your card, or your friends whatever ) will help you give the details necessary in order for the reader to truly understand how things look. You can’t just say “ The car is grey” you have to illustrate this something like this “ The car had a greysh color like the clouds when a heavy storm is about to come”. Make sure you give many details about every aspect of that particular thing you are presenting.
  • Now that you have chosen the topic. Present it in a short way. Explain what you want to write about but make room for the details to fill everything later on in the paper.
  • Visualize the chart. Imagine the 3 paragraphs and how they will combine. Each end of a paragraph should have a smooth transition to the next, so try to even draw it if it helps you visualize things better and see how things connect, how you can present them better and what you should change in order to get an excellent essay.
  • Re write. If you think you can do something better, you can express yourself differently in a certain part of the essay, if it seems like there isn’t enough details in some part of the essay and you can do it much better if you rewrite it do it. This will ensure you will get a great essay and you can do it great from the first try but rewriting some parts will ensure that you have covered everything, every single detail is being put into place on this second part and the reader will have the image perfectly presented.

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