How to write an essay about a person

One type of writing style is to write a biography. A biography is an essay about a person. It is one way to teach students how to do research. A biography is designed to catch the essence of a person on paper. It should include information pertaining to the person’s job, family, childhood, accomplishments, and other interesting aspects that you discover. It should be written like a story of their life. Most of the time biographies are written about famous individuals but you can write about a person that means a lot to you.

Since this is simply an essay and not a book, there is only so much that you can write about. Here are some ideas of how to write an essay about a person.

  1. Jot down some important questions that you think you should include in your essay. These questions can pertain to the person’s childhood, education, occupation, or any other aspect that you want to include in your essay. You can then start doing the research to answer these questions. You will then write your essay using the information. Be sure to try and organize the questions into three or four categories. For example, come up with some questions about the person’s childhood, then about their occupation, and then about their accomplishments.
  2. Concentrate on one aspect and gather information pertaining to only that aspect of their life. For example, write about the accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln. This is narrow and may prove to be less challenging then the prior suggestion.
  3. Write about one event or one aspect of their life and discuss it in depth. This is a little harder to accomplish because you may not have enough information.

When writing this type of essay, you need to be very careful to use the proper information. You wouldn’t want to misrepresent something that has to do with another individual’s life and accomplishments. If you are writing about a person that is still alive, you can be sued for writing false information. You could also get in trouble for writing about a person who is deceased if the person’s family feels like they were misrepresented. I wouldn’t worry too much about that though because you will probably only be writing the essay for your teacher and it won’t ever be submitted to the public so all you really have to worry about is a bad grade.

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