Fresh Ideas to Help You Write a Perfect The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis Essay

The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is an all-time classic that many students have to write essays about. It can be a difficult task, as the story has been explored by many others before you, so it won’t be easy to come up with some fresh and original ideas.

Writing an analysis essay about this book should be a pleasure, as you have so many interesting issues to explore. The author takes us into the innermost parts of a woman’s mind, so the expanse of topics you can focus on is huge. You just need to come up with something unique.

The following suggestions can give you some inspiration:

  • Does the narrator’s credibility deteriorate along with the protagonist’s mental state?
  • At the beginning of the story, readers are perfectly sure that the narrator of The Yellow Wallpaper is credible, but when the character starts to change, so does the narrator. You can focus this essay on explaining the connection between the author and her characters.

  • How will the story change if it’s told by another narrator?
  • In this essay, you will need to hypothesize a lot, but you can make your research more credible if you study the author’s style in minute detail and try to recreate it. You will also need to analyze the characters thoroughly in order to make a sound argument.

  • What is the importance of the female narrator?
  • Analyze both the story and the era in order to see the novel from a perspective of that time. Why is it so important that the woman can tell this particular story in her own voice? What was the social impact of this story?

  • Is The Yellow Wallpaper a feminist novel?
  • Considering the facts that the protagonist of the story is female and she loses her mind because society limits her ability to express herself, can we consider the novel to be 100% feminist? Compare the situation described in the story to the rules that governed the behavior of society towards women during the described historical period.

  • Is creativity the road to madness?
  • In this essay, you will need to focus on the relationship between madness and creativity. How does one influence the other? Will the inability to fulfill one’s creative needs always lead to madness?

  • Victorian society in The Yellow Wallpaper.
  • Analyze how the author describes Victorian society, especially the gender roles that existed at the time. Compare this description with the information from historical documents. Is the author’s assessment correct?

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