Common persuasive essay topics for middle school students

It is really important for middle school students to understand exactly what is required with a persuasive essay. First of all they need to choose a topic which really excites them and secondly they need to know that they must persuade the reader, probably their teacher, that they have a very good argument to make. The middle school student will obviously need to grasp the structure of a persuasive essay which has its introduction, body paragraph and conclusion, but also understand that they are arguing a point of view.

Therefore not only should they choose a persuasive essay topic which they really want to write about but also one which divides opinion. The topic must cause people to choose a particular point of view. There needs to be a for and against as far as the topic is concerned. Then, having chosen which side of the argument they will write about, the middle school student must come up with evidence. They must have information or facts which support their point of view.

So with all of those points in mind here are some common persuasive essay topics for middle school students.

  • Pocket money for teenagers should never be given without work in return.
  • People who mistreat animals should be sent to jail.
  • School uniforms should be banned and students free to wear their favourite clothes.
  • Students should receive money if they improve their test results.
  • Every student should become fluent in a second language.
  • Teenagers should receive sensible sex education.
  • Teenage magazines should feature models of varying sizes.
  • Students should be suspended if found guilty of using racist language.
  • Good manners should be a subject in every school curriculum.
  • Teenagers should not be babysitters until they are at least 16 years of age.
  • Homework should be banned for all students.

As can be seen from the topics above, the issues are those which directly affect middle school students. This is important. Being able to write about a topic you like or know about is vitally important. But so too is the fact that these topics split opinion. Some people will strongly agree with the topic while others will strongly disagree. This is ideal. This is what makes a for a good persuasive essay topic. Find one like that and you are well on the way to producing an excellent essay.

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