Compelling topics for your English essay

The most important step in writing an essay is finding a compelling topic. This is where you start rolling the ball. Selecting a topic that is interesting and has the potential for debate and discussion is not easy. It may take more than expected to choose a topic that is suitable for your essay but you must spend some time here. This is going to decide the overall purpose and direction of your essay. This is why it needs to be well thought out.

Here is a compilation of topics that are intriguing, important, and give you ample room for discussion:

  1. Smoking in the presence of young children should be a punishable offence
  2. Free speech should have limits
  3. Marriage is an obsolete institution
  4. Children should not be schooled at home
  5. Parents and teachers should not interfere in each other’s domain
  6. Schools should have uniforms
  7. There should be no homework
  8. Public transport should replace private cars
  9. There should be a limit to how much money one can have
  10. Poverty is a human rights violation
  11. Women remain oppressed despite laws
  12. Careerism kills creativity
  13. Fashion advertisement make young women unhappy about themselves
  14. No one should die of hunger
  15. Abstinence programs in school are not effective
  16. Actors should be paid less
  17. Carbonated drinks should be illegal
  18. Carbonated drinks are worse for health than alcohol
  19. Cigarette smoking is a psychological addiction
  20. Parenting classes should be mandatory after 18
  21. Parenting classes are an attempt to breach the family/necessary
  22. Evolution is a fact/is fiction
  23. Minimum wages should be increased/decreased
  24. Beauty pageants are unhealthy for the society
  25. Competition is unhealthy
  26. Teachers and students should not be Facebook pals
  27. Social media makes people unsocial
  28. Mobile phones are an electronic leash
  29. Privacy is a basic human right
  30. State should not interfere in individual’s private life

Now that you have a list of some great topics for your English essay, you might want to stop putting this off for another day and start the selection process. Choose wisely. A highbrow topic is not very likely to be graded better just for its highbrowed. How you compose, the essay is what is more important. The topic that fits your best is one that you find yourself attracted to.

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