How To Write A Brilliant Introduction For An Essay: Tips And Examples

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks for students since the start of their academic careers. They start writing these papers in early grades and the topics are comparatively simple like school, teachers, home, parents and favorite sports etc. As they promote to higher grades they learn different types of essays and the length and complication of these papers increases. One good thing about essay writing is that the format remains the same for all papers. Every essay starts with a winning introduction where students need to present their topic to the readers in an engaging manner. The next thing after the introduction is the body of your paper where you introduce your major arguments and explain them. The last thing in your paper is the conclusion where you summarize the entire work in one paragraph.

Today we will talk about the introduction and tips to write a great one. Before we start learning about tips to write a great introduction, we need to understand its purpose and importance for the paper. An introduction is the first paragraph in your paper and must be able to present your topic and scope of work to the readers. This should not talk about the results or conclusion but must engage the readers to know more about the paper. This is the first impression of your paper so it must be very engaging and interesting. A reader will not continue reading your paper if the introduction does not impress him or her.

Below are vital tips and suggestions to help students write a great introduction

  • Make it precise. You need to keep your introduction as relevant as possible. Try to present your topic to the reader in a brief manner and avoid adding unnecessary details. The worst start to a paper is a dictionary definition.
  • Hook your readers. Check how professional writers use transitional and other hooks in their paper to keep the reader interested and build their curiosity. It is important because a reader will only continue if he is curious to know more.
  • Add your thesis statement by the end of the introduction. It is not mandatory that you add a thesis statement in your essay, however if you have to, make sure it is in the end of your introduction paragraph.
  • Edit and proof read before you move on.

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