Composing strong topics for investigative essays

An investigative essay is like a research essay because it will include data from scholarly resources but it will also include personal experiences. It is designed to show the reader that you have extensive knowledge on the topic. The use of personal experiences is very important. It shows that you can relate real life situations to the topic at hand. The important thing to remember is that an investigative essay should be unbiased. It is not like a persuasive essay where you are trying to prove your point.

Because of the nature of this kind of essay, it is essential that you choose the right kind of topic to write about. There are a few things to think about when choosing a topic. They are:

  1. Choose a research question.
  2. In order to write and investigative essay, you have to come up with a research question. This should be a question that you have not made up your mind about. If you choose a topic that you have already made up your mind about, it will be hard to stay objective. That approach is great for a persuasive essay, but for an investigative essay it is best to choose a topic that you have not chosen a side on.

  3. The topic should be manageable.
  4. The topic should be narrow enough so that you can write about it in an essay format. If you choose a topic that is very broad, you will not be able to cover the topic in the limited amount of space the essay requires.

  5. Controversial issues work great.
  6. A topic that is heavily debated is great for this format. The reason being is that there will be differing views on the matter. Do not choose a topic that has a yes or no answer to. Choose one that lives in that grey area where it is only a matter of opinion.

  7. You have to be able to research the topic.
  8. A topic has to be researchable with a few sources to read that you can use as a reference for your paper. The information needs to be credible which means that it has to be from qualified people that help answer your question.

These pointers should help you find a great topic to write about for your investigative essay. Be sure to choose a topic that interests you as well because it is so much harder to write about a topic that you don’t care about.

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