The Top 16 Unique Persuasive Essay Topics To Consider

Students across the world need to come up with persuasive topics for their essays. The paper depends upon the institute and target audience you are writing it for. If you are a student and need to complete a paper for academic purposes, then you need to carefully note down the instructions by your teacher on a neat paper. You can use these instructions to refer back to your paper and make sure you are in the same direction. If you are writing this paper for a journal or magazine then the word count, desired structure, format, length, subject and other requirements are important. Some journals require you to send an outline an abstract of your paper first. Once they see this and approve it, you can send them the actual paper.

In a persuasive paper, you need to convince your audience of your ideas and opinions by developing a major stance and using strong evidence to prove it. This evidence may be factual, logical or concrete examples. However, you need to keep in mind that only personal experiences will not be enough to convince your audience of your paper and you need to use extensive research and authenticated data to prove your point.

A topic is quite an important part of your essay. This decides the overall structure, direction and scope of your paper. You need to make sure it is relevant, precise, unique and fresh. Sometimes it might take long to choose a winning topic; in this case, you should break down your subject and identify the niche you want to address with your paper. If you are looking for samples or suggestions to write your paper then this article will be helpful for you. Below is a list of interesting persuasive essay topics that a student can use in his paper. Remember that these are only samples and you need to create your own by rewriting, editing or altering them to suit your needs.

Topics for a persuasive paper

  1. Smoking is not as bad as people think
  2. Drug abuse and drug usage are two different things
  3. Performance enhancing drugs are safe to use
  4. Performance enhancing drugs should be banned because they do not promote fair competition
  5. Indoor games
  6. Outdoor sports
  7. Addiction
  8. Parenting
  9. Child abuse
  10. Domestic violence
  11. Religion and oppression
  12. Gender biasness
  13. Unemployment
  14. Obesity
  15. Bollywood songs
  16. Spiritualism

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