5 Great Tips That Will Help You Proofread Your School Essay

Everyone has memories of the school essays he wrote in school; some interesting, some mundane. Essays are a pivotal part of the school syllabus and helps evaluate and develop the child’s subjective skills. The problem is; most students treat these in a flippant fashion and furnish works replete with errors.

In order to ensure that you produce a compact and error-free essay, you need to proofread it with meticulousness. Here are 5 tips which may help you in this sphere

  1. Get a third person to read it – You should get a third person to read it first. This is because you are sometimes in so much love with a particular paragraph you write that you tend to completely bypass it while proofreading. The third-person will show you the errors in an impartial and unprejudiced manner.
  2. Read and re-read the essay – Learned people have said that you should go through your work three times to be completely aware of the dots and crosses. You may miss out on casual mistakes at first glance but only the very unrecognizable error remains secure after your third check. This way, you also get a hint of the points you missed and should somehow insert.
  3. Look for contractions; small errors – Often we place an apostrophe between It and s where ‘its’ would be politically more correct. We tend to error on other contractions as well. Also, sometimes, we miss-spell a word but since the misspelling is also a word, it doesn’t show up as error. One common example of it is writing ‘and’ as ‘ad’. In some cases, these words can have odd reflections. How about writing ‘insect’ as ‘incest’!
  4. Look for punctuation errors – The colons, semi-solons, commas, brackets; they all have a meaning and relevance which should not be muddled with. Take a probing look at all the punctuation marks you have placed or not placed in your essay. While this may sound churlish, it is a fact that properly punctuated articles seem more gravitational.
  5. Take a final look with a fresh mind – Once you feel you have done the proofreading, leave it. Give a final look the next day when you are quite fresh and go through the pages with a magnifying lens; so to speak. Look into the perspectives; points which seem a bit untoward or irrelevant even if the language sounds beautiful. Do not be passionate about your writing while you are proof-reading.

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