Choosing the right outline format for my essay

Choosing the right outline format for your essay is an important task. It's not so much that you get the outline format right so much as that you do it in the first place. And by ‘do it’ I mean do it really well.

The vast majority of essays will have the same basic structure and it therefore follows that they will have the same basic outline format. Remember that the outline is the plan of the essay. You never undertake to write an essay until you have completed the plan. The plan or outline is your blueprint for the writing of the essay. And the writing law is perfectly true -- the better your outline, the better your essay.

There are two parts to this formula

  • You need to have the right outline format.
  • You need to have the right content within the outline.

As mentioned before you must have an outline before you write the essay. But knowing how to create the correct outline format is of little or no use unless you fill it with the right content. You have to remember that the writing of the essay depends almost entirely upon having the right outline. When you spend the time wisely and well in constructing and then completing the right outline format, you give yourself the best possible chance of writing an outstanding essay. So what is the right outline format for your essay?

Think of it as a series of building blocks. Each building block is a separate entity but each is inextricably linked to the next building block. So in creating the introduction you need to understand that the introduction gives you the body paragraphs which follow. The points which you explain in the body paragraphs are introduced or touched upon in the introduction. And because each body paragraph is linked to your overall thesis statement as listed in the introduction, they too are part of the chain. And of course the conclusion or finale is a sum of the parts before. Everything is linked.

And the shape or appearance of the outline is likewise important. If it’s messy or slipshod, or hard to read, you make a rod for your own back. Make the outline layout clear and free of clutter. Plenty of white space and use of headings and bullet points aids your overview. It keeps you on track to write a cracking essay.

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