Who can help me with writing papers: tutor vs writing service

This can be a very difficult choice. There are positives and negatives to each.

Lets look first at the getting support from your tutor

  • The tutor will already have a set of instructions that relate to the paper that you have been asked to write. If they do not have a hard copy of the instructions, they can probably be found as a download on the college or university web site.
  • The tutor knows, the content of the course, and probably has a good understanding of your abilities.
  • You can arrange a face to face meeting with your tutor to discuss any difficulties you may be having. They can offer support that meets your needs and if necessary they can suggest help from the Learning Support Department.

The down side to getting support from your tutor

  • The tutor may be difficult to contact outside of your class (except by email).
  • If you arrange to meet with your tutor outside of the class, the timing may be difficult for you as it may conflict with your timetable and other commitments.
  • Feel that they may not be sympathetic to your needs.

Support from a Writing Service

  • You may get individualized support from an online tutor who will be able to talk to you and respond to your emails within a given timing.
  • You know that you will have the availability and the support to help you with your writing.
  • You may request that they give you some tuition in areas that you are experiencing difficulty and also request some suggestions for extending your writing skills.

The down side of getting support from a writing service

  • You are probably going to have to part with money. If you have already paid for your college or university course, and then you will have to pay for an online tutor on top of this.
  • If you read these Superior Papers reviews, you learn that helpers from the writing service may not be familiar with the course you are studying or your curriculum. At best they will have to make educated guesses at your needs.
  • The tutor may not share the same first language as you, and this can lead to misinterpretations and errors in the work, particularly in sentence construction.

This is a very difficult choice to make, it may be worth discussing some of the difficulties that you are experiencing with some of the other students as they may be experiencing difficulties themselves.

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