Where Do You Find Good Topics for Descriptive Essays?

The best descriptive essays are those that offer unique insight into a usual thing. You may choose any subject as long as you are passionate about it. It may be a real-world experience, a real person, a fictional character, and even an imaginary event.

Do not be afraid of generic topics. Every year, lots of students write about their vacation trips or their pets, but no one has exactly had the same trip or pet as you. What makes descriptive essays interesting is not the situation or thing described, but rather your personal attitudes toward it. There is no other person who would think and feel just the same.

If you are writing about a life experience, look for how it has changed you and your beliefs. Many students have been to a forest camp, but you may be the only one who has rescued a wounded squirrel there and decided to become a volunteer to help other animals in trouble. If you wish to describe a material object, don’t plainly write about this item, but rather write about your interactions with it. For example, you may be passionate about iPods because your first one was given to you as a gift by someone whom you love, and every time you use it, you remember this person.

The virtually unlimited choice of topics is one of the best things about descriptive essays, but it may also be confusing and overwhelming. If you do not know where to begin your search for a perfect topic, here are some ideas.


The simplest way is to look around. What things are there in your room – a guitar, an old football, a rare comic book, or a poster with your favorite hero? Each thing must have a story behind it. Which of these stories would you share with your new friend? One of them can make an excellent descriptive essay topic.


Think of the happiest and the saddest moments of your life. What did you feel or experience then? Where you were? Who was with you? Why was it so good or so bad? What lesson did you learn? Descriptive essays based on personal life experiences are often the most engaging.


If all real events and things seem too mundane to you, try the things you dream about. Show your creativity by describing a house you would love to live in, your ideal friend, or an ideal birthday celebration. Imaginary descriptive essays are not submitted often, so yours is sure to stand out.

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