Basic Steps To Creating A Great 7th-Grade Opinion Essay

This short guide introduces a few basic steps to help seventh-grade students prepare an opinion essay. At this level of learning, the guide is designed in such way to make it as easy as possible for you to understand. If you are not sure what to do, take the time to ask your teacher to explain some of the steps.

Ask questions

Your teacher will be familiar with some of the steps. Print this sheet out and hand it to her. She might be interested in using this as a checklist for her marking. More importantly, this will show your teacher how much you enjoy your work and how serious you are about doing well in your writing. Before we list some basic steps, we will quickly explain what is meant by ‘opinion.'

An explanation

If you have been a good learner and model student so far, you may already know the meaning of ‘giving an opinion.' Even if you did not know this before, as a good student you have already looked this up in your school dictionary and taken note of the full explanation given there.

To explain briefly; when you write an opinion essay, you are required to give your own thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions on a specific topic or subject that your teacher has asked you to explore. You need to think about an original perspective and why you support one side of an issue versus another.

Here’s your first step;

Reading – The best way to gather all your own, original thoughts is through reading.

Basic steps

In order not to confuse you in this task, we will just list three more steps you should take;

  • Read more than one book – In the beginning, as part of your learning you still need to read through your prescribed textbook. By taking out extra reading material from your library and reading further, you will improve your knowledge of the subject you are studying.
  • List your ideas – Mention in your paper where you found your ideas. You will receive extra marks for this.
  • Practice – In order to write a good essay, you still need to learn and practice how to do this properly. Begin by keeping your sentences short.

If you have put these suggestions into practice, you will have already found that these basic steps help you write a great opinion composition for your class.

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