How To Write A Summary Response Essay: Effective Tips & Tricks

Students around the world struggle with their academic assignments of various types. They are confused for those papers that they have never attempted or seen before and need someone to guide them with it. If you are to write a winning response essay, then you need to understand a few important things. Before you go ahead and start the writing process, you need to understand the purpose and aim of this paper. A summary response essay is an extract of a work that you write after analyzing the work. There is a difference between a summary and a response so you have to make sure that you understand what you are going to do in your paper and then address it properly.

The summary of a paper

A summary is a short version of the work that you are discussing in your paper. You have to discuss all the main points of the work and write them in a precise manner. When writing a summary, you have to include the name of the author and title of the work and then present your thesis statement. You can use the supporting evidence directly from the original work by quoting it or by writing it in your own words. Your summary should be shorter than the one third of the work you are summarizing and it has to be clear and precise. You will mention the work being summarized and refer to it in the text

The response of a work

A response is more than a summary. You read the work of the author and then create an evaluation about it. Evaluating would mean that you have to analyze a work by dividing it into parts and give your own verdict about it. You will show through your opinion that where does the work lack and how could it be made better. You show the audience whether you agree or disagree with the ideas of this author. You will also check the tone and style of the work and comment upon it

The structure of your summary response essay

If you are not sure how to organize such a paper then you need to understand that there are two possible methods for this. You can follow either of the methods that suits you for your writing. Here are two methods that you can follow

You can create a block of summary and response and write them collectively or you can discuss each point and tell your opinion about it

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Agreement
  • Disagreement
  • Conclusion

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