8 Great Ideas For Writing An Opinion Essay On Lord Of The Flies

There is nothing more to writing an opinion essay than what you already know. If you are working on Lord of the Flies for example, it should be pretty clear by now that an opinion essay is all about what you think. It is about giving your ideas, your perspective on what you think the writer or the characters did, should have done or should not have done. Such papers are common in higher institutions of learning because the teachers attempt to allow students the freedom to think and express their ideas.

For the Lord of the Flies, the following are some brilliant ideas that you will need to think about in a bid to help make your work easier. These are some really good study areas and you will certainly earn top marks for using them:

  1. 1. Discuss the characters of Piggy, Jack or Ralph. Explain how their actions and possessions form a strong link between their previous lives and what their new roles on the island are
  2. 2. In your opinion, what is the importance of the conch in this book? Explain why it seems to have so much power in the literary work
  3. 3. The boys make their first attempt at the fire, and this becomes a symbolic moment in the Lord of the Flies. Discuss how important this feat is.
  4. 4. In the second chapter, Fire on the Mountain, a beast appears before the boys for the first time in this chapter. Explain how the writer has portrayed this feature and used it as an important part of the work at hand.
  5. 5. Discuss how Ralph becomes more ineffective as a leader as the book advances, while on the other hand Jack becomes a better hunter. Explain the significance of these developments.
  6. 6. Over time the boys become more divided as they stay longer on the island. Discuss some of the major divisions that become apparent, and how they shape the rest of the book
  7. 7. Like Piggy, Simon and Roger are outsiders on the island. However, they seem to be more accepted than their counterpart. Explain why this is the case.
  8. 8. In the chapter Painted Faces and Long Hair Jack puts on camouflage paint. Discuss the importance of this camouflage and the effect that it has on its personality. Also highlight how this reveals his true personality.

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