Hand-Picked Expository Essay Topics For High School

There are many different types of literary assignments issued to students on a daily basis and the expository essay is no exception. Although the high school level does not have as much work to do as the college level there are still very valuable academic skills that everyone could benefit from throughout their life.

The list below consists of a few excellent hand-picked expository essay topics for the high school student. I guarantee that after you attempt all these topics as a form of practice you would be far better equipped to handle the workload of your syllabus. It is okay to start with the ones easiest for yon but do not neglect the others that calls for a greater effort because that is the only way to truly gain proficiency. Enjoy these topics while advancing your academic proficiency.

  1. Is it true that the ever so swift rise in cellphone population over the past fifteen years changed the grade of the students throughout the world? Explain how this piece of technology has affected high school students.
  2. Has the devastating effects of bullying in schools finally reached a limit where the weak are pushing back? Outline the differences between online bullying and the conventional type?
  3. There was a recent village fire and many families have lost their houses. Give a detailed account of the solutions you would have put in place to rebuild and house them temporarily.
  4. Debate the qualities of a good leader and try to incorporate the level of influence the people closest to them would have on them. Suggest also what type of influence this leader would have on his royal subjects and to his kingdom.
  5. Does your hobby have any life lessons contained in it, or does it hone a certain skill that you need in order to perform the feature? Define your hobby and advertise its necessity and appeal.
  6. You live in a country where children are needed for chores after school thus, the citizens want to eradicate homework. How can you prepare a report that shows how important academic education is in this day and age.
  7. While our pursuits in science are constantly providing us with data regarding the brain and possible human longevity, how would such advancements be acted upon by mankind?
  8. Do you see it as an asset for an individual student to learn a new language while they are at that tender and impressionable age?
  9. Can the use of the internet become an addiction? If so, suggest ways of curbing people from such an illness.
  10. Why would you become a volunteer if you do decide to become one?

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